An AI Thermometer
Product Features
  • Non-contact high-precision measurement of body temperature.
  • Auto-Sensing.
  • Quick temperature measurement and easy access.
  • High temperature alarm.
  • Zero distance, automatic IR detection.
  • Quick install.
  • Can switch to C0/F0 Mode.
  • Can store the latest 30 measurement data (press the UP and DOWN arrow Buttons to check the latest 30 measurement data has been stored)
  • Automatic data retention and automatic shutdown.
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Uses & Precautions

01. Please read this manual carefully before use.
02. The ambient temperature of this product is 16 ℃ ~ 35 ℃, the optimal temperature is 25 ℃.
03. Do not use this product in an environment above 50 ° C or below 0 °
04. Do not place this product near live objects to avoid electric shock.
05. Please do not use this product in an environment with relative humidity greater than 85%.
06. Do not place this product too close to the electromagnetic range. (E.g. radio, mobile phone, etc.).
07. Please do not expose this product to the sun, or place near the stove, and never contact with water.
08. Do not hit or drop the product, and do not use it if it is damaged.
09. Sweat, hair, hat or scarf on forehead can affect the accuracy of the measurement.
10. Make sure that the measuring distance is within 5 cm.
11. When forehead sweating or other reasons cause the forehead temperature does not reflect the body temperature normally, please measure from the earlobe.
12. When cleaning is required, wipe the surface of the meter lightly with alcohol.
13. Contact the distributor if there is any problem with the product. Please do not repair the product yourself.
14. It is forbidden to take body temperature measurement when the ambient temperature changes greatly.